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Worship at The Way is truly a come as you are to meet Jesus where you are atmosphere.  The environment is casual where you will see everything from suits to shorts. Sunday worship begins at 10:00. Because we believe there is no one way to worship, you will find a comfortable mixture of new and old, loved and beloved songs, contemporary and hymns played in ways to engage worship.  If worship is how our soul responds to what we love, then the picture is so much bigger than how we sing. We believe that fellowship is as essential to building a community in Christ as prayer and study; therefore, at each service, there is time devoted to gathering for fellowship, time for praise in song, time for devotion and learning, time for response, and time for setting forth on our mission: loving God and loving our neighbors.

Times to Join Us


Sunday Morning Adult Bible Studies - 9:00  AM

Worship - 10:00 AM

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